Las Vegas, Nev., December 8, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Through NewMediaWire -- Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: Hemp), a global leader industrial Hemp industry with cross-strait processing centers, today reported the first Hemp harvest in Texas in 80 years. The state created its own program as part of the federal farm bill. As pointed out in an article on, "Growing Marijuana in Texas for the first time in decades," this is the first year the Lone Star state's farmers have been able to give it a chance.

"The marijuana industry is seeing major policies being implemented across the country.Legalizing marijuana and taxing it will certainly help Texas recover economically from the Kovid pandemic, "Hemp, Inc."Says Bruce Perlowin, chief visionary advisor at Ihs."Says Bruce Pellerin, chief Insight consultant at OTC: HEMP.

"The Texas Cannabis Alliance has been promoting the different benefits of the crop to lawmakers and consumers across the state," the article said. One thing the farmers also want to see is that the state's ban on marijuana can be lifted."

One farmer, Aaron Owens, had been ranching in Texas for 15 years before he decided to switch to growing marijuana. His company, Tejas Hemp, is growing a special strain that has never been grown in the United States. This is the first-ever type of saturated cannabis, which means that India will slow you down, help you relax, reduce tremors, and put you to sleep. In contrast, saturated cannabis actually increases awareness and attention and takes you in another direction."It's more of an irritant," Owens explains.

Republicans have been hesitant to ease restrictions on Hemp, but Tejas Hemp will grow legal stuff, and there are even plans to set up a Hemp "tasting room" on their land as the state's laws surrounding the plant grow.

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Hemp, Inc. Also expects aggressive shipments to stores across the country in the next one to eight weeks, its product line. So far, the Hemp ® line king includes Bubba Kush; CBD preroll, enhanced CBD preroll, CBD and CBG caviar/moonstone; And diamonds (96 to 98.7 percent CBD, the only such product currently on the market). Hemp, Inc.'s second brand, Midnight Express-Find Your Freedom Pre wrap, will also be available, with a total of 50 brands to follow.

As of today, some of these brands will be Daring and Dashing Brothers (a legendary and notorious smuggler from South Florida); Dockmaster; The Barron of Barges; The Duke of Dope; Carol the Courier; Al the Good Bad Guy; The Golden Dragon Lady; Randy the Racer. Boston Billy.Dopey Don the Genius; And, and so on.

According to Perlowin, the former smugglers will have their own special strains, mixtures, and flavors.

Other Mawang ® products already on the market are diamonds and chips (smaller diamond chips), which are wipes of CBD derived from golden, high-CBD, THC-free distillates directly from hemp plants, including valuable mixtures of terpenoids. Diamonds and Crumbles promised the strongest, most effective results, with 96 percent to 98.7 percent pure CBD in the rest of its range.

CBD tinctures are also available for purchase on the company's website mawang ® line ( The tincture comes in two flavors, natural, and mint, and contains full-spectrum hemp oil extracted from the flowers and leaves of the sustainably sourced Cannabis plant in Colorado. They also comply with the Colorado Department of Agriculture regulations on industrial marijuana. Tinctures contain 0.3 percent or less of THC and meet the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill.

For more information, visit the Cannabis King ® website here.

The newest Hemp, Inc., medical and recreational Hemp division is also underway and will enter the Hemp market in 2021 once it is fully legalized nationwide. According to Perlowin, bank and commercial account providers will be more open and receptive to marijuana companies."Right now, banks are very strict about marijuana companies."I know so many banks that close accounts simply because they are associated with the industry. In conclusion, we do not know whether it will wait until full legalization, but this decision will not affect facilities' construction and preparation. Following legalization and large-scale cannabis cultivation, the sector has been positioned as a 'preferred' advisor due to our industry expertise."Perlowin said.

According to Nielsen, market researchers predict that the current pot market will reach $70 million to $80 million in 2020. These products include bulk CBD flowers, hemp -CBD prerolls, cigars, and other inhalable.