World Storytelling Day!

We are excited to do a few final presentations of monologues in conjunction with the Manitoba Storytelling Guild!

Celebrate World Storytelling Day with “Stories of Transformation”
Sunday, March 19, 6:00pm – 8:30pm
At Charisma Restaurant, 83 Sherbrook
Tickets $35
$30 for members, students & seniors
with performances of “Questions and Answers” by Sonya Ballantyne featuring Melanee Deschambeault, “Wild Orchid” by Bev Brenna featuring Sarah London and “Three Totems” by Natalie Fijia featuring Johanna Burdon
Enjoy an Indian buffet with vegetarian and gluten free options in good company while listening to original, thought provoking stories. Tickets are available online at or reserve at


Then on April 7th we will be participating in A Professional Development Opportunity from the Manitoba Storytelling Guild/Conteurs du Manitoba and the Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice. Nalini Reddy will be performing “Diaspora” and collaborators Angie St. Mars and Alka Kumar will speak about the process of creation.

Giving Voice to our Stories: Giving Shape to our World
Friday, April 7, 9:30am – 2:30pm
Hanley Hall, St Paul’s College, U of M
Tickets $55 / $40 for students, seniors and members

What is this workshop about?

This workshop provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about 3 art-based approaches to helping people tell stories from their lived experience;
  • Explore ways of using personal stories to support individual, social, and political change.

Art Forms/Presenters:

Digital Storytelling:  Frances Ravinsky Community Works

Transformative Theatre:  Sarasvati  Productions

The Story Circle:  Marc Kuly, University of Winnipeg, Faculty of Education

The workshop includes time for a facilitated discussion on how to integrate art-based story work into our service delivery and our social change efforts.

The Manitoba Storytelling Guild/Conteurs du Manitoba supports and promotes the art of oral storytelling throughout Manitoba. To register or buy tickets online visit our website at or contact us at

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