The Competition Heats Up

So You Think You Can Act is just a week away and the competitors have been flexing their acting muscles. Check out their video challenges. Who do you think will take home the all-star trophy?

Troy Westwood was a pro athlete and tied for the trophy two years ago, but is too nice of a guy to call-out his opponents.

Kerri Salki, radio producer and new morning host on Drive, fueled the fire when we asked her about her acting skills, “Skills? Mine are MAD. Actually they’re angry and they’re out to win!” Self-described as a “fierce competitor on and off the stage.”

Amid the competitive call-outs comedic genius Big Daddy Tazz swoops in to steal our hearts with some genuine human insecurity.

The “Thomas Edison of entertainers” physical and musical comedy genius Al Simmons, says: “No one stands a chance against me… Al ‘Brando’, ‘Olivier’ Simmons. Shakespeare like a butterfly — Chekhov like a bee.”

Jenna Khan’s career in broadcasting began in television in 2006. She is a staple of radio morning radio on Energy 106, where she co-host’s Energy Morning’s with Frankie and Jenna. “I am in it to win it, and someone who has the drive to wake up at 3AM everyday definitely does not lack motivation! My strategy is to channel my inner diva (not necessarily a stretch!) and trust my talented partner from our dynamic theatre community.”

As the actors know, Jenna’s ability to commit to something will serve her on stage.

“I am a highly competitive person. Every time I go out to a Games Night with friends I have to begin the evening with a disclaimer: “I apologize in advance for any yelling/swearing/name-calling that may ensue. You are my friends and I love you…”

Tracy Koga’s background in ballet could be a huge asset in this competition.”I am not afraid of competition, the stage is my home.” Stage fright can’t touch her, and she’s got more than enough determination. “Years of training with the RWB has made me a warrior. Under a mask of beauty and grace I know what blood, sweat and tears are all about.” She also has a way with words. Her message to opponents? “After this fierce pas de deux the only one getting an encore and taking a bow will be me!”

Don’t miss out on this action packed night – lots of laughs, prizes, wine and supporting life-changing theatre projects – get your tickets now!

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