Stolen Sisters – IWW Cabaret of Monologues

Monologues, slam poetry, spoken word… Sarasvàti Productions has been busy working with both playwrights and community members to compose a powerful event for International Women’s Week. The 2016 Cabaret of Monologues: Stolen Sisters will run March 6 to 11 in community venues and culminate in two public performances on March 12th. The Cabaret features ten performance pieces written and brought to the stage by women. Each piece explores the realities and absurdities of systemic violence as well as the inequality that shapes women’s lives. This year’s selections share wisdom, highlight hard truths, pose difficult questions, and even use humour to inspire change.

We are excited to announce the 2016 Line-Up:

Doing It for the Fame by Makrenna Sterdan
It’s a satirical game show for women who want to accuse male celebrities of abuse!
Tune in to find out if Jane Doe will win ‘believablity’ and the grand prize of getting to report her assault!

Chance by Melaina Sheldon
A young First Nations woman goes out for a night on the town, but things do not go as planned. For her, a safe ride home will not come and protection does not lie where it should.

Lingua Franca by Frances Koncan
Using dark humour and a morbid sense of wit, a young woman in purgatory reflects on the circumstances of her untimely death.

Good Enough by Lynne C. Martin
Donna dreams of being happily married to Bear, the father of her baby, but the pecking order of racism and gender oppression stands in her way.

The Visitor by Alison McEvoy Murray
A woman makes an appearance for a special anniversary but she cannot get through to the women in her family. Will they ever know what has happened to her?

She Said by Robyn Pooley
Angela erupts during a blind date in response to a rape joke. Will she work through her own anger and misgivings about rape culture and Bill Cosby?

Finding Freedom Spoken Word by Shamin Brown
Performed by Shamin Brown
Powerful slam poetry challenging the marginalization and social isolation that keeps the voices of women and children in the sex trade silenced behind shame.

Warrior by Helena Kelly
Using traditional storytelling techniques, this piece follows the journey of Honey who must escape the dark creature to save herself. She fights to discover the warrior within.

Stolen Girls by Hope McIntyre
This movement based piece remembers the abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls in Nigeria in April 2014. Why is it that women are used as pawns in the wars between men?

QUIET by Mary Black
Performed by Mary Black
A spoken word piece on living as a quiet Indigenous woman in the inner-city. This piece brings voice to the SILENT issues that plague our communities and our lives.

If you are interested in hosting pieces as part of your own organization’s event contact Angie at for details or take in the full line-up on March 12th at 4pm or 8pm at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film. Tickets are only $10. You can get yours in advance here.

Come early to explore and participate in a lobby full of art installations including a #WeCare photo booth, and visual art surrounding Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.

Faceless Dolls Installation from Nova House

Faceless Dolls Installation from Nova House

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