Out From Under the Rug

Out From Under the Rug

Sarasvàti Productions is pleased to support the new theatre company, Out From Under the Rug, with a residency. To launch this new relationship, a special after-hours reading event will be offered as part of FemFest 2019. 

September 20th at 10pm
Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, Room 0T09

a reading of a work in progress

Two Women. Different homes. Different age. Different ethnicity. One shared experience. Bastard is a story of intergenerational trauma and precarious identities told by two Women of Colour as they explore their relationships to the world around them. Bastard touches on questions of Home, Culture, Family, Hope, Community and the impact of the Stories we tell. At it’s core, Bastard is a coming of age story for mixed kids, by mixed kids.

We are excited to share this story and debut Out From Under the Rug Theatre Collective with you. Thank you to Sarasvàti Productions for providing us with a platform. 

We hope you’ll come listen.

Content Warning: Intergenerational Trauma, References to Genocide (Yemen), Systemic Racism, Colonization, Coarse Language.

0T09 is wheelchair accessible. The University of Winnipeg has Gender-Neutral bathrooms on the second floor accessible by elevator. Scripts will be made available during the reading for any that need. Reading will be followed by a Talkback.


Matthew Paris-Irvine (Curator/Collaborator)
Matthew is an emerging creative voice in the Winnipeg theatre community and can not wait to share this new work with all of you. Primarily an Actor, Matthew has worked frequently with Sarasvàti, but spent the past year exploring what kind of stories we tell, and how to promote the ones we so infrequently hear. Matthew is proudest of his work with The Peaceful Village program (an amazing after school initiative for newcomer families) and intends to spend the upcoming year using his privileges to boost the voices of other young artists begging to have their story told. Much Love to Melissa. 

Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed (Performer/Collaborator) 
Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed is honoured to be creating fulfilling and challenging works with her best friends and colleagues, people who share both the burden and pleasure of needing to tell their truths. As she continues to engage with and learn from the communities around her, she performs to lift the voices of those so often silenced. It is of the utmost importance to be loud in moments of inequity. She is proud to portray strong Middle Eastern women at RMTC in the upcoming season. Sophie recognizes her privilege as a light skin individual, and dedicates her work to Women of Colour— those who (like herself) struggle with identity. 

Melissa Eve Langdon (Performer/Collaborator)
Today, tomorrow, and yesterday we gather on stolen lands. The lands that belong to the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples. This is the homeland of the Metis Nation. My family’s relationship to this land is complicated, because of this, I must use my voice to stand for those it was taken from. We must work to decolonize our workspaces, our institutions and our ways of being. Read the MMIWG Final Report. Two groups that I believe do
outstanding work in the country are Obsidian Theatre in Toronto, ON and The Women’s Health Clinic here in Winnipeg. Love to Emily, Matt, M&I, and the prayer plant that refuses to die in the living room. 

Omar Samuels (Facilitator/Collaborator) 
Omar Samuels is incredibly excited to be presenting theatre at this years FemFest. Omar believes in the power of community building through theatre. He emphasizes the ability to communicate sensitively and honestly. Enjoy the festival!

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