Sarasvati Welcomes New Staff!

We are pleased to welcome our two summer students funded through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Ava Jerao will be working as our Marketing and Community Outreach Assistant over the summer and into FemFest in the fall. Ava is a full-time Business and Administration student at the University of Winnipeg with a focus on Marketing. She served as Vice President Internal from 2010-2011 on the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association where she acted as Staff Relations Officer, Sustainability Officer and Volunteer Coordinator. She is currently Vice President External for the Business and Administration Students’ Association.  

Stacie Gagnon is our Production Assistant who will be handling many of the production logistics as we gear up to our season and in particular FemFest 2012. Stacie is in her second year at the University of Manitoba doing a double major in Linguistics and Asian Studies. In her free time though her focus is on theatre. At the Church of the Rock she is the head set designer for theatre productions as well as stage manager and properties manager. Last summer she was an interpreter at Ross House Museum.

Join us in welcoming both of them to the Sarasvati Productions’ family.

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