Skill Development Workshops 2014

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We are excited to announce two workshops by our FemFest guest artists.

Storytellers are Superheroes facilitated by Michaela Di Cesare
Sunday, September 14th 1pm-3pm

What superpower have you always wanted? Turning back time, telling the future, mind reading, x-ray vision? What if I told you all of these are possible achievements through the magic of storytelling? Well, maybe not  x-ray vision. In this workshop you will learn how the storyteller shapes and influences history and how to unleash the power of your personal stories. Participants will come away with at least one original story that can be performed, as well as a toolkit of skills that can be built on for future storytelling greatness. Participants must be comfortable with performance, improvisation and sharing personal stories.

Learn to Puppet, Muppet Style! facilitated by Tara Travis
Wednesday, September 17th 4:30pm-6:30pm

Professional actor/puppeteer Tara Travis teaches the basics of hand and rod (“Muppet”-style) puppetry. Students will apply their knowledge of physical theatre to the art of puppetry as they explore the many elements of bringing a puppet to life. Students are encouraged to bring their own puppets from home if they’d like to learn how to get the most life out of them! Rehearsal puppets and “Basics of Puppetry” booklet provided by the instructor. @TaraCreative

Workshops are limited to 12 participants. To register please contact There is a $15 cost per workshop.