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Exciting one-woman shorts presented throughout the festival!

Playwright Beverly Akerman


Written by Beverly Akerman
Directed by Keri Lee Smith

Michelle is an outcast. After years of therapy her efforts to help someone else have taken a tragic turn.

October 2nd at 9pm
(as part of the FemFest closing cabaret)
and September 26, 29 and October 1 at 8:15pm

Playwright Sherryl Melnyk

Mrs. Fergusons Bed

Written by Sherryl Melnyk
Directed by Jane Walker
Violet has come to say goodbye to her husband, realizing it is never too late to start fresh.

Saturday, September 25th at 7pm
(as part of the FemFest Opening Cabaret)
and September 28, 30 and October 2 at 8:15pm