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As fillers throughout the festival, we will offer audiences a chance to hear excerpts from scripts from the FemFest shortlist. A great chance to be introduced to the work of multiple women playwrights from across the country.

Shorts from the Short-List
By Frances Koncan
Performers: Johanna Burdon, Melanee Deschambeault, Kim Kakegamic, Kevin Longfield and Cheryl Soluk

Throughout the festival, and culminating in a showcase afternoon, audiences will have the opportunity to hear excerpts from scripts on the FemFest 2016 shortlist. A great chance to be introduced to new works from women playwrights across the country.

Dried Flowers by Maryjane Cruise
The Living Library by Linda McCready
The Roomie by Emily Muller
Vagilantes by Ronit Rubinstein
Our Golden Years by Sally Stubbs
The Funeral Guest by Tyler Joy White
Peace We Often Forfeit by Terrie Todd
Saudade by Frances Koncan
Solo Journeys by Kirsten Van Ritzen

Monday, September 19th at 8:15PM Vagilantes by Ronit Rubinstein
Tuesday, September 20th at 8:15PM Dried Flowers by Maryjane Cruise
Wednesday, September 21st at 8:15PM Peace We Often Forfeit by Terrie Todd and The Roomie by Emily Muller
Thursday, September 22nd at 8:15PM: Our Golden Years by Sally Stubbs and The Funeral Guest by Tyler Joy White
Friday, September 23rd 8:15PM Solo Journeys by Kirsten Van Ritzen and Saudade by Frances Koncan
Saturday, September 24th 8:15PM The Living Library by Linda McCready
Saturday, September 24th 3PM Showcase – Full Shorts Line-up at Garbonzo’s (471 Balmoral)

Want to know more about each piece?

September 19 – Vagilantes by Ronit Rubinstein – Toronto playwright Ronit Rubinstein gives us Vagilantes, the story of women regaining their power against street harassers. Inspired by real-life experiences collected through interviews, Rubinstein gives us a taste of the fear, rage, and helplessness women face simply walking out their front door. Following the traditional structure of Grand-Guignol theatre, aka French theatre of horror, Vagilantes, switches between drama and dark comedy to tell a compelling story.

September 20 – Dried Flowers by Maryjane Cruise – Award-winning playwright, lyricist and choral composer, Maryjane Cruise explores the dilemmas, strengths and triumphs of Vi, Lil and Iris. These women each find themselves at a crucial turning point– one torn between caring for her Alzheimer’s stricken husband and her longing for fulfillment outside her home; another unemployed at age 49, lonely and desperate for her mother’s approval and the other deciding whether her marriage is worth saving. Their interweaving stories show us just how we grow and change with the help of others.

September 21- Peace We Often Forfeit by Terrie Todd – Terrie Todd’s Peace We Often Forfeit follows Doris, a scatterbrain full of fun and vibrancy, her nearly deaf mother Ruth, her daughter Kelly and grand-daughter Morgan. The women head out on a road-trip, crammed in a car where normal family arguments ensue. Their family bond and care are tested when a near tragedy takes place.

                         The Roomie by Emily Muller – In The Roomie, we see one young woman as she stumbles upon another locked in an apartment. They are both strangers a part of the same secret organization. Award-winning poet, Emily Muller, presents the kindness, femininity and self-doubt that can be found in even perpetrators of political violence.

September 22 – Our Golden Years by Sally Stubbs – Cosmo loves four things: wine, touring vineyards, food and his wife Dommi. Now that he’s finally retired Cosmo has big dreams. But Dommi has dreams too – different ones. With the melancholy of aspirations and what it means to build a life together, Our Golden Years is a dark and nasty comedy exploring the evolution of love and marriage as the couple enters their golden years.

 The Funeral Guest by Tyler Joy White – In Tyler Joy White’s third play, we meet 83-year-old Iris. After the death of her husband, Iris is forced to move to the city with her daughter Amy who is convinced her mother can no longer manage her parents’ farm. Iris isn’t happy and Amy thought having her mother move to the city would make both their lives better. Surprise, surprise, it does nothing more than raise issues not so easily resolved.

September 23 – Solo Journeys by Kirsten Van Ritzen – Presenting serious topics like body image, addiction, and depression against a backdrop of bongos and shrieking, actor/playwright Kirsten Van Ritzen melds both satire and drama in Solo Journeys. In this comedic play Kirsten lovingly mock clichés found in angst-ridden one-woman shows and feminist alternative theatre festivals. A veteran of fringe and one-woman shows, her mockery comes from a loving and informed place.

                            Saudade by Frances Koncan –Inspired by her personal experience with in-patient psychiatric treatment, Frances Koncan’s Saudade reflects our society’s perception of mental illness. Terrifying and destructive yet cultivating empathy and compassion, these are the words that summed up her experience and ultimately gave birth to this new beautiful, eye-opening play.

September 24, 8:15pm – The Living Library by Linda McCrReady – Young, enthusiastic Sylvia, bright-eyed and hopeful but lost in the endless options of careers. A comedic look at the struggles that almost every 20-something can relate to.

September 24, 3pm – Full Shorts Showcase – With a list of such amazing pieces, it would be hard to pick just one or two to see, but don’t fear! This year we’ve added a special Full SHORTs Showcase. On September 24 at 3pm, audiences can catch all nine plays in one show at Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub right next to the theatre.