Pop Art Performance facilitated by xLq


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Sunday, September 15 – 5:30pm to 7:30pm

This workshop is currently full. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list please contact us at info@sarasvati.ca

POP ART PERFORMANCE: Re-imagining Audience Interaction

In this workshop, xLq will take you through their physical training practice which includes running, dancing, slowness and group improvisation. Then, xLq will share with you the experiments and questions they use to shape their immersive and interactive performances. How can we use our emotional intelligence to enrich our craft? What possibilities exist for audience/performer relationships? How can we evolve audience interaction to suit the 21st century brain and body?

xLq is a pop art performance duo dedicated to radical performance forms and complicit audience experience. They combine fashion, dance, drag, music, ritual, audience engagement and queer pop aesthetics to questions, physicalize and re-imagine our possible futures. xLq is currently interested in performance experiences in which the audience has agency to create the content of the piece. In this approach, xLq acts as audience facilitators to guide the audiences through games, activities, meditations and dances in order to create a live experience as a community.


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Maddie Bautista

Maddie Bautista (performer-creator, producer) is a Bi, Filipina sound designer, theatre creator and performer. Her sound design has been featured in theatres across the country: Luminato, Why Not’s RISER, Aluna Theatre, b current, rEvolver Festival in Vancouver, High Performance Rodeo in Calgary, and more. Recipient of the SummerWorks Spotlight Performance Award 2016, a Dora-nomination for her sound design (Eraser, Why Not's RISER , and fu-GEN Theatre's inaugural Walk the Walk Commission 2019.

Jordan Campbell

Jordan Campbell (performer-creator, producer) is a queer performance artist, creator and youth workshop facilitator. He is an xLq co-artistic director and performer. Jordan's solo work is physically based and uses high aesthetics, drag and performance art. His work with youth has focused around those with different learning abilities, including teaching at Purple Carrots Drama Studio. Selected performance credits include: The Youth/Elders Project (Buddies in Bad Times), 72-Person Ball Passing (FFDN), The Stranger (DLT).

Katherine Walker-Jones

Katherine Walker-Jones (performer-creator) is an artist from Winnipeg who is now based in Toronto. They make theatre and music. Since graduating from Humber Theatre Performance in 2016, they have released two EPs and recorded a forthcoming album with their band Feels Fine. They also collaborate with xLq Pop Art Performance. Recent works with xLq include curating the Trash Sanctuary event series as well as performing at SummerWorks Performance Festival and rEvolver Festival.