One Night Stand

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One Night Stand

Directed by Cairn Moore
Readings of new works in development by Megan Andres, Ginny Collins, Talia Pura, Alissa Schacter, Kerri Twigg and Stephanie Wiens
Featuring: Murray Farnell, Amy Groening, Derek Leenhouts, Danielle Savage and Elizabeth Stephensen

In partnership with the Manitoba Association of Playwrights

Instant gratification, immediate feedback. Selected readings from new works in progress by Manitoba playwrights. A chance to experience the future of local theatre and answer the question – would you date this play?

Monday, September 19 @ 7:00 PM

Admission $10.

Scene descriptions:

The Uninvited Guest by Stefanie Wiens
Marj and Jen Arnold are a mother and daughter living thousands of miles apart, each confident that she is master of her own fate in the ways that count; Penny is a hardworking, compassionate and committed health care professional. The Uninvited Guest explores what happens when illness and death disrupt the lives of the Arnold family. A darkly comic examination of the definition of family, relationships on the edges of life, intimacy with strangers and the elusiveness of control.

Ten O-Clock by Talia Pura
Ten O’clock is the story of a young woman who is waiting for a call from her husband, who is deployed in Afghanistan. When the time for his call passes, her sister doesn’t understand why she is so concerned, but she fears the worst.

Puzzle Pieces by Megan Andres
What if everything you thought you had was a lie? And now that lie refuses to let you go. The puzzle pieces may fit but is the picture what you wanted? Lana’s life is shattered when she flies home for her sister’s wedding and finds her perfect boyfriend at the end of the aisle, in a tux, staring into her sister’s eyes. Can she pick up the pieces of her broken life and build a new picture or does the old one have too great a hold?

Good Intentions by Ginny Collins
Equipped with youth and education, a young Canadian couple leave their lives in Canada to work as doctors on the dark continent. Before long, their medical successes inspire them to start breaking the rules and expanding the boundaries of their work. Good intentions soon turn ugly when Claire and Peter realize how little they have understood their new surroundings – and now must face an event that will change them forever.

Paying Treaty by Alissa Schacter
What happens when a Jew and a Palestinian are taken hostage at the side of a desolate Manitoba highway by militant Aboriginal protestors?  While David is preoccupied with escaping, Amir seems bent on pushing David to his limits.  The two men soon find themselves embroiled in their own clash of values.  Sparks fly as the conversation turns to issues of politics, identity and the Middle East conflict. 

Nanny in the Woods by Kerri Twigg
A young woman takes on a job of Nanny at a tree planting operation in Manitoba and finds herself working with a family with deeply rooted problems. Nanny in the Woods was inspired by a real life job posting.