Like Mother, Like Daughter


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Director: Rose Plotek
Associate Director: Darwin Lyons
Assistant Director: Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed
Original Concept: Ravi Jain, Rose Plotek, and Poppy Keeling
Co-Created by Why Not Theatre & Complicité Creative Learning

This unique, participatory project brings together real mothers and their daughters to weave together stories from their own lives in an improvised format. The Winnipeg version of this experience will include mothers and daughters who were born outside of Canada (newcomers, as well as those who may have immigrated many years ago) as well as Indigenous mothers and daughters. In the second part of the presentation, the audience is invited to join the mothers and daughters for a meal to continue the conversations.

Running time including meal is approximately two hours. 

Featured mothers and daughters and their performance times:
Shirine Ali & Sabrina Bahadoosingh (September 20th @ 2pm and 21st @2pm) 
Rubina Atif & Saleha Komal (September 20th @ 2pm and 21st @ 6:30pm)
Lucy Kaikai & Marvel Yeboah-Appiah (September 20th @ 6:30pm and 21st @2pm)
Dina Maranan & Mary Nadine Maranan (September 19th @ 6:30pm and 20th @6:30pm)
Hazel Perrie & Victoria Perrie (September 19th @6:30pm, 20th @ 6:30pm, and 21st @ 6:30pm)
Sybil Ramprashad & Shereen Ramprashad (September 20th @ 2pm and 21st @ 6:30pm)
April Seenie & Sienna Seenie (September 19th @ 6:30pm and 21st @ 6:30pm)
Mary Alice Smith & Danielle Morrison (September 20th @ 6:30pm and 21st @ 2pm)
Aisha Tahir, Tianna Natalya Wells, & Zaina Wells (September 19th @ 6:30pm, 20th @ 2pm, and 21st @2pm)

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Thursday, Sept 19 – 6:30pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 2:00pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 6:30pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 2:00pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 6:30pm


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Rose Plotek - Co-Creator & Director

Rose Plotek is a theatre director and performance maker. She was Associate Director of the Directing Program at the National Theatre School of Canada from 2013-2018. Her work is often developed through inter-disciplinary collaboration and workshop. Recent credits: Performance about a woman (OFFTA, Tiger Dublin Fringe, SummerWorks); Like Mother, Like Daughter (Why Not Theatre & Complicite, UK); LEAR: a retrospective (World Stage at the Harbourfront Center); Bloody Family (Theatre Centre). She was Intern Director at the Shaw Festival in 2013. Rose is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.

Ravi Jain - Co-Creator

Toronto-based stage director Ravi Jain is a multi-award-winning artist known for making politically bold and accessible theatrical experiences in both small indie productions and large theatres. As the founding artistic director of Why Not Theatre, Ravi has established himself as an artistic leader for his inventive productions, international producing/collaborations and innovative producing models which are aimed to better support emerging artists to make money from their art. Ravi was shortlisted for the 2016 Siminovitch Prize and won the 2012 Pauline McGibbon Award for Emerging Director and the 2016 Canada Council John Hirsch Prize for direction.

Darwin Lyons - Associate Director

Darwin Lyons is an Actor, Director, Writer, Producer and Educator. Directing credits include: Paradise Comics (Filament Incubator) Well Born (SoCo and TruthnLies Theatre). Acting roles include: Butcher in Dead Roads (The RISER Project at The Theatre Centre, October Oasis at The NAC and company in residence at Factory Theatre); Tina in Tough! (Factory Theatre at The Magnetic North Festival); 99.7% (showed at AGLIFF). Darwin was the Artistic Producer of The Paprika Festival, the associate director of the Banff Citadel Training program in 2019 and is currently the Youth & Outreach Coordinator for Shakespeare in the Ruff.

Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed (Assistant Director)

Sophie is proud to be working with Sarasvati for the first time, as she grew up being affected by their work. She is a recent co-founder of Out From Under the Rug collective, which will highlight the experiences of People of Colour. Sophie will also be mentored by Ann Hodges this year (Through Creative Manitoba) as she finishes her time in the UofW's Honours Acting program. Select upcoming performance credits include New Canadian Curling Club and A Thousand Splendid Suns at RMTC. All of her love to her family / best friends.

Zoe Leclerc-Kennedy (Stage Manager)

Zoë is pleased to be back on the Fem Fest team after taking a year off! She was previously the Prop coordinator for Two Indians and Seduction Theory and the Bake Off Stage Manager for Fem Fest 2016 and 2017. Zoë’s recent credits include: Head of Props at Watermark Theatre in PEI, Props Apprentice at the Grand Theatre in London ON for the 2018/19 season, and Prop Building Practicum at the Banff Centre (summer 2018). She has also worked as an Apprentice Stage Manager for Royal MTC, MTYP, and Manitoba Opera. Zoë is a proud graduate of the University of Winnipeg Theatre Production program.

Shirine Ali & Sabrina Bahadoosingh (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

Sabrina grew up in Winnipeg. She attended the University of Manitoba and graduated with a degree in Business and Psychology. She continued her education in the financial services field and worked for several years as a Financial Advisor with Freedom 55. Sabrina wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and transitioned to The Salvation Army Booth Centre as the Program Coordinator of The Haven, a mental health rehabilitation program. She later worked with (ISSA) Islamic Social Services Association as Operations Manager and managed several programs for newcomers and refugees. She enjoys socializing with her family and friends, spending time at her cottage and acting. She volunteers her time with Folklorama, Winnipeg Harvest and CancerCare Manitoba. Shirine migrated to Winnipeg Canada from Trinidad in the Caribbean in the mid seventies. Shirine met her husband in Winnipeg and they were married in 1975. The couple had two children Virine and Sabrina. Shirine resumed her education after both children were born. She attended The University of Winnipeg for her under grad and post-graduate training. Shirine became a Family Therapist and has worked in the field for over twenty five years. Shirine really enjoys her role as mother, wife and therapist.

Rubina Atif & Saleha Komal (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

Rubina Atif is from Pakistan and has been living in Canada for the last seven years with her 3 children while her husband was serving in the Pakistani Air Force. They have lived in China and England as well. Rubina worked as an elementary school teacher for 16 years. In Canada she has worked in various capacities, and currently works at CMWI. Her daughter, Saleha, is a university student pursuing a degree in politics. She loves to paint, as did Rubina when she was young. Saleha and Rubina love nature, Winnipeg’s prairie skies and the sunsets that come with it.

Dina Maranan & Mary Nadine Maranan (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

Dina and Nadine Maranan have conquered the world as a mother and daughter duo since 1997. During the weekday you can find Dina working away at Pollard Banknote and Nadine on the 4th floor of the science library at the University of Manitoba. After a long day, the two are brought together by a big bag of dill pickles popcorn ready to catch up on the latest episode of Jane the Virgin. Dina and Nadine would like to thank Rose and Sarasvati Productions for this opportunity to finally share the stage, a place that has served as a home for Nadine the past 13 years.

Mary Alice Smith & Danielle Morrison (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

‘Niiobinessiik’ Danielle Morrison and ‘Waasegiizhigok’ Mary Alice Smith have been mother and daughter for 33 years, mostly spent in Treaty 3 territory. Danielle is Mary Alice’s youngest, and almost like an only child even though she has 8 siblings. They shared a good life with Danielle’s dad for 26 years until his passing in 2012. Now they centre their attention on five-year old Evie, Danielle’s only child. Danielle and Mary Alice hold each other in mutual awe at times, but know each other too well for that to last long. Both enjoy sushi, silly laughs, Sunday breakfasts, jingle dress dancing, ceremony, and community building.

Sybil Ramprashad & Shereen Ramprashad (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

I am a Colonial child born in 1943 in British Guyana. My education years were shared between England and Guyana, graduating in 1964 from St Martins School of Arts and Technology specializing in Fashion Haute Couture dreaming of becoming a Costume Designer and working in Theatre. I came to Canada in 1965 to London Ontario, two London’s were never so different. I found my way to costuming by teaching at The University of Guelph as well as designing and making costumes for Summer Stock Theatre. My career as been mostly in the Fashion Industry working for some Canada’s Leading Clothing Companies. My Daughter Shereen and I have more in common than we like to admit. We are both middle children, artists and chocoholics. Miss Shereen, a dyslexic, self-taught Canadian writer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her writings are a lively blend of performance, wit, intelligent metaphor with under currents of subtext and observation.

Lucy Kaikai & Marvel Yeboah-Appiah (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

L: I came to Canada 15 years ago, a few months pregnant with my daughter. She was my first child and it was a very difficult pregnancy. I was excited to be reunited with family in Canada, after living on a refugee camp, in Ghana, for almost seven years. What I was most happy about was having my daughter born in country where she would grow up in a safe environment and have numerous opportunities I never imagined. I could not foresee how raising my daughter in a culture foreign to me would play out and it has been quite interesting, to say the least. M: I'm very thankful for my mother because she has done the best for me all my life. As a child, we haven't really "been there done that" and gotten the t-shirt. It's always tempting to argue when your parent says "I know what's best for you". You might not appreciate it then but you will later. Sometimes we don't even realize what someone is setting us up for five years from now. Who knew I would play over five instruments, work as a missionary or learn another language.

April Seenie & Sienna Henderson-Seenie (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

April Seenie is Anishnaabe (Ojibway), a mother, nursing student, and actor from Roseau River Anishnaabe Nation, raised in Winnipeg. Her traditional name and clan is Maeengan, which means Wolf. Trained at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto, Seenie has been an instructor with the Native Youth Theatre program at Manitoba Theatre for Young People in Winnipeg, and also served as a board member for Sarasvàti Productions. Currently, she works for the St. Amant Centre and the First Nation Health & Social Secretariat of Manitoba, while he continues within the nursing program at Red River College. Sienna Henderson-Seenie is an Anishnaabe/Cree student, actor and dancer. Her Ojibway clan is Bizhiw (Lynx) and her traditional name is Wabishki Miigwanes, which means Little White Feather. She enjoys writing, reading, hiking and playing badminton. She will be entering grade 11 and aspires to become a veterinarian.

Hazel Perrie & Victoria Perrie (Participants, Like mother Like Daughter)

Hazel and Victoria Perrie are Manitoba grown Metis/Swampy Cree/Icelandic/English women. They have primarily resided on Treaty 1 Territory and are from the Wolf Clan. They come from a long line of very strong matriarchs, with lineage back to the arrival of the colonizers. Hazel attended the University of Winnipeg where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Justice and Law Enforcement and Sociology. After 34 years, she continues to serve in the Justice field. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Victoria obtained Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Criminology and Psychology. She recently obtained a Juris Doctor degree and has been called to the New Brunswick Bar as a lawyer. Hazel is the mother of 8 children, with Victoria being the eldest. The pair are storytellers who love a good laugh and have shared their best moments sitting around the dining room table with family and friends. They love to travel together and will do pretty much anything if it will make for a good story. Wine, cheese, yoga and art are four words that come to mind when Hazel and Victoria think about the things they love to do together. That, and running through fields of sheep…

Aisha Tahir & Tianna Natalya Wells (Participants, Like Mother Like Daughter)

We’re a trio with a Fommy and a pair of Irish twins. We are dramatic, multilingual and full of spicy Pakistani and Trinidadian flavours. Our family is definitely a unique one with our stories of adventures on the trains, subways and planes. We embrace all weird qualities and appropriate them for our unique individual selves.