IWW Monologues 2011



International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues
March 12, 2011  4pm & 8pm
Colin Jackson Studio Theatre (at Prairie Theatre Exchange, 3rd Floor Portage Place)
Tickets $10
Language and Content Warning

We are pleased to be bringing back our International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the declaration of International Women’s Day. The evening includes a diverse line-up of monologues reflecting the wide array of women’s voices. From the hilarious ruminations of famous historical women to the powerful exploration of issues such as addiction, these pieces offer something for everyone.

In addition there will be various performances of the pieces in the community. If you are involved with a community group interested in finding a unique way to celebrate the voices of women, contact us.

Our last Cabaret of Monologues sold out, so be sure to reserve your tickets early.

International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues – Full Line-up:

Standby by Frances Worster; Performed by Elena Anciro
Caroline battles with drug addiction, but not her own. How do you protect the ones you love, yet allow them to be free to make their own mistakes?

Lock Out by Marika Schwandt; Performed by Gisele Charr
A timely piece exploring one woman’s search to find her friend. She knows no one else will be looking because her friend is a prostitute and aboriginal.

Suffragette by Jessy Ardern; Performed by Nan Fewchuk
Mary knows that a revolution that comes too easily will soon be forgotten. A satirical look at the alternative suffragette movement.  

Hail Mary by Cairn Moore; Performed by Stephanie Sy
Mary has come to confession, but only to confess her impure thoughts. A hilarious perspective on what young girls consider to be acceptable sexual behaviour. 

Eleanor Roosevelt by Ginny Collins; Performed by Jane Burpee
Is it true that Eleanor Roosevelt was the only quotable woman before 1950? How would she feel about how her words of wisdom are being shared in the 21stcentury?

Hockey Mom by Alison McLean; Performed by Alissa Watson
She’s different from the other parents at the rink, but it doesn’t take long for Susie to get in the game and let go of her desire to be the perfect mom.

Not  Like Her by Jayne Collins; Performed by Ashley Chartrand
A young girl battles her past, determined not to turn out like her mother. Yet, she is already battling her own demons of drugs and alcohol.

Miss Orient(ed) by Nina Aquino; Performed by Stephanie Sy
What does it take for a Filipino girl to fit in? Carrie shares the moment she became a true Canadian at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Secret Shame by Christine Lesiak; Performed by Hope McIntyre
The story of a woman struggling with both self-imposed and cultural expectations around childbirth and motherhood.  As a result she ends up hiding her secret shame in the basement freezer for seven years.

Living Cosmo by Hope McIntyre; Performed by Elizabeth Stephensen
With Cosmo as her bible a young woman attempts to become the ideal woman, only to discover that she is turning into a shadow of her former self.