Fire Visions: Poems by Bertolt Brecht

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No one ever accused Brecht of being subtle. He saw himself as the blunt conscience of the proletariat and against those who turned a blind eye towards the beggars, the unemployed and the homeless. In 14 poems, well-assembled by director Hope McIntyre and her quartet of able performers, Brecht noisily pounds home his message…The four performers were dressed in the typical Brecht stage uniform – in black and barefoot – and delivered the verse clearly, strongly and with welcome visual accompaniment. Whether Great Babel bore a baby puppet, or slide projections of refugee camps during the recitation of Eight Thousand Poor Peopole Assembled Outside the City, the poems were all presented with trademark Brechtian flair.” Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press (January 24, 2002)

Created with the input of four performers, director, dramaturge, sound composer and consulting visual artists; this theatrical work used movement, projection, puppetry, song and text. The piece was previewed at the Windsor Theatre (Sackville) and premiered at BrechtFest in Winnipeg (2002).


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