Jail Baby Outreach

We are excited to be including legal professionals and community groups in Jail Baby.

Jail Baby was developed with input from criminalized women and numerous professionals who work in justice. It is only fitting that we included this community component in the world premiere of the show.

Prominent Winnipeg lawyers will appear in a special cameo as part of a surreal Kangaroo Court scene in which they play an over the top, incompetent judge! We are pleased to welcome Bonnie Gembey, Rachel Margolis, Loretta Ross, Amanda Sansregret and Saul Simmonds to our stage. For more info on our guests check out our blog feature.

We are also proud to be hosting a series of post-show panels as part of the production! After almost every show, experts and professionals from the fields of justice, victim services, community outreach and corrections will participate in special panels. Audiences will have a chance to take part in an important dialogue about safety and justice in Canada. An overview is below and full details are on our blog.

May 16 – 8pm
Opening Night and reception catered by Homer’s Restaurant and Catering
Lawyer cameo: Saul Simmonds (Gindin Wolson Simmonds Roitenberg)

May 17 – 8pm
Lawyer cameo: Saul Simmonds
Panel: What are the connections between being poor and marginalized and ending up incarcerated?: lawyer Saul Simmonds, Dianna Bussey (Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services) and Tracy Booth (Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba)

May 18 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Loretta Ross (Fox Lake Cree Nations negotiations office)
Panel: Why is there such a high correlation between being Aboriginal, incarcerated and having a substance abuse problem?: Tracy Booth (Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba), Marcie Tavares and Tina Chartrand (Ka Ni Kanichihk) and a formerly incarcerated woman

May 19 – 2pm:
**Pay What You Can in honour of the Global Day Against Incarcerating Youth**
Lawyer cameo: Bonnie Gembey (Gembey Law Office)
Panel: Why do so many women cycle in and out of the system, from foster care, to juvenile detention to adult correctional facilities? Is there a revolving door?: Tammy Reimer (SAGE House), Jane Runner (Transition, Education and Resources for Females) and a formerly incarcerated woman

May 21 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Bonnie Gembey
Panel: How do we find the balance between safety/security and justice in Canada?: Megan Bowman (Mediation Services Winnipeg), Debra Parkes (Robson Hall Faculty of Law) and Constable Rose Ledoux (Winnipeg Police Services)

May 22 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Amanda Sansregret (Legal Aid Manitoba)
Panel: How can we move towards a restorative and healing model of justice?: Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg (host), Marcie Tavares and Tina Chartrand (Ka Ni Kanichihk) and Kevin Brousseau (Assistant Commissioner, RCMP)

May 23 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Amanda Sansregret
Panel: Will building more prisons solve make our communities safer?: Michael Champagne (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities), Amanda Sansregret (Legal Aid Manitoba) and Megan Bowman (Mediation Services Winnipeg)

May 24 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Rachel Margolis (Aikins Law)
Panel: Punishment or Rehabilitation? What is the focus of the Canadian correctional system?: Jason Burnstick (Onashowewin) and Glenn Morison (Open Circle)

May 25 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Rachel Margolis
Panel: Caring for the Children: The difficulties of finding a stable foster home for children when their parents are incarcerated: Dawn Lavand (Indian and Metis Friendship Centre), Marie Christian (Voices: Manitoba Youth in Care)

May 26 – 8pm:
Lawyer cameo: Loretta Ross

Click here for tickets and more information on the show itself.

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