Hiring – Building a Team

We are excited to announce a new staff structure and opportunities for new leadership and team members. Over the last eight months, thanks to the support of the Winnipeg Foundation, the Board of Directors of Sarasvàti Productions has had the valuable ability to assess leadership structure and office operations. With an Assistant Artistic Director job shadowing the founding Artistic Director, there was the opportunity for a thorough review of operations. Every activity has been documented, the programming assessed, and critical paths created. As a result, the best path forward for sustainability and a healthy work balance has become clear. This is an exciting but challenging time for transition as we navigate a way forward while also responding to the current crisis that has led to postponing and redesigning programing.

We want to share with all of our supporters, patrons, and artists that there has been a slight change in direction from where we were a year ago. This is a positive development based on having the ability to look forward after the experience of an outside perspective. The practical needs of the company require a better distribution of work among staff and a reduction in capacity. To this end we are excited to announce that a new model for our leadership team has been finalized. It will be a core group of three. An Artistic Director, Office Manager, and Marketing and Community Outreach Manager will work together to keep Sarasvàti Productions running day to day and achieving our mandate of using theatre to propel social change. This triumvirate will mean being able to spread out the responsibilities and workload so the company is not resting solely on the shoulders of the Artistic Director. It also means that the team can bring different skills and effectively collaborate through both a difficult post-crisis time as well as the challenge of transition away from a founding Artistic Director model. Due to our current budget limitations, the three positions will start as part-time, but will allow a much better life balance by supporting one another. We are not a traditional theatre company, and therefore a traditional model did not fit. On top of artistic considerations, the administrative workload of an organization that has grown over twenty years, we also have a commitment to community that requires intensive outreach.

A search, exploration of shifting current staff in to these new roles, and ultimate hiring process will take place in the coming months with a goal to have candidates ready to begin overlap by September’s FemFest. A full transition will occur by the end of fall 2020.

A huge thank you to the current staff for amazing work and input in assessing needs.

Please see postings for the Artistic Director Job Posting and Marketing & Community Outreach Manager Job Posting

Plus an internship position beginning in August – Production Tour Coordinator Intern posting 2020

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