Sarasvàti Productions is an independent theatre company with a vision to transform society through theatre. The company is currently transitioning into a new office space with a new leadership model, and we are excited to be able to welcome an Artistic Associate (9-month part-time term contract) to the team.

The Artistic Associate is a 9-month (38 weeks) part-time term contract beginning in mid-February 2021 and culminating at the end of October 2021. The role is primarily administrative in nature, with an emphasis on coordination of workshops and events leading up to FemFest 2021, as well as assisting current staff with sponsorships, donor relations, outreach, and general office administration.

To apply, please forward your cover letter and resume to info@sarasvati.ca. Applications will be accepted until January 22nd, with interviews held the following week. 


This position has been made possible through a legacy donation from Founding Artistic Director Hope McIntyre.


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