Get Involved!

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to get involved with your community and give back through volunteering? We are currently recruiting for our Board of Directors. In particular we are seeking to fill the role of Treasurer, if you know someone with some knowledge or interest in numbers please pass this information along!

As an independent theatre company in Winnipeg, Sarasvàti Productions is dedicated to using theatre to create social change. We produce FemFest, an annual festival of women playwrights, as well as a season of other work dedicated to increasing human understanding. We are seeking Board members who are fair-minded, enthusiastic and committed with a deep belief in Sarasvàti Production’s unique potential. If you join our Board, you will be volunteering your time, expertise and stamina to support the creation of multi-disciplinary art, assist emerging professionals, and develop local community networks. For more information on the company check our website,, or contact Hope at or 586-2236.

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