FemFest Last Chance!

FemFest 2013 will wrap up tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the chance to see amazing shows that won’t be seen again in Winnipeg! Audiences have been raving about the festival this year. They’ve been thoroughly entertained by pomme is french for apple which closes on September 20th at 9pm. They’ve laughed heartily at Harold and Vivian, which closes on September 21st at 4pm. We also are opening our last touring show on September 20th at 7pm (also running September 21st at 7pm). Welcome Lisa Codrington back to Winnipeg in The Aftermath. We also will showcase Rita Shelton Deverell’s new play in progress Sisters Inc. with a reading on September 21 at 2:30pm.

Finally we wrap it all up with our Closing Cabaret and reception on September 21st at 9pm. It will feature music by Adi Sara Kreindler, prose writing by Teresa-Lee Cooke, dance by Renee Vandale, comic musings by Heather Witherden, a short film by Danishka Esterhazy and visual art by Colleen Leduc and Wendy Sawatzky. Food will be provided by New Host Restaurant and our amazing raffle draw will occur.

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