FemFest Community Consultation: Follow-Up

In April of this year, we sat down with community members to get their input on the future of FemFest. Our goal was to ensure that the festival continues to be built on community and collaboration, with the intent to inspire, challenge, and transform. As Sarasvati’s most recognizable contribution to the Winnipeg theatre scene, we wanted to ensure that the question, “Where do we go from here?” doesn’t get asked just within the organization. We invited community support organizations, donors, FemFest attendees, and volunteers to be part of this creative and meaningful consultation.

During FemFest 2018 in September, we held a follow-up meeting to report back on the results of this consultation and accompanying surveys. Cate Friesen of The Story Source joined us once again to go over the summary of our findings and talk about how Sarasvati is planning to implement these changes. Each attendee left with a hard copy of the Executive Summary of these results. Others who were unable to attend expressed an interest in these findings, and we wanted to make them accessible to everyone. We are committed to continued engagement with the community about the future of FemFest, and invite you to read through the summary of our April consultation and surveys below.

Executive Summary – What is FemFest called to be in these times? Reflecting Back and Imagining Forward

Special thank you to Cate from The Story Source and all those who participated in the original consultation, the follow-up, and the online surveys. We truly value your input and look forward to reimagining all that FemFest can be!

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