FemFest Cabarets Announced!

FemFest annually produces the best and brightest in female talent in Winnipeg. Although the festival’s mandate is to produce plays by women, we realized a few years ago that many women theatre artists were also working in other mediums. In order to showcase cross-discipline work we started including cabaret evenings as book ends to the festival. The idea was so succesful that we expanded to invite even more women working in a broader range of mediums. Now our popular cabarets feature a unique smorgasbord of musicians, dancers, visual arts and everything in between and outside of the ordinary! We are thrilled to once again feature an array of local favourites for our 10th anniversary festival.

Mad Young Darlings

We are particularly pleased to welcome back Mad Young Darlings and Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance, while also hosting local favourites Flo and Jolene Bailie.


Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance


Both evenings will be followed by a reception with great food and a chance to meet the artists. 

To find out the full line-up for the FemFest 2012 Cabarets click here!

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