FemFest 2015 Opening!

FemFest 2015: Hear Her Roar opens on September 12th with a stellar line-up! The festival kicks off with a performance of Mittelschmerz (Middle Pain) by Kim Zelglinski at 2:30pm and the National Elevator Project at 4pm then the big launch with our Opening Cabaret at 7pm followed by a reception with food generously provided by Nick’s on Broadway. We’ve brought back some of our favourites for the cabaret – Karenina, Teresa-Lee Cook, Rachel Smith plus will showcase artists new to FemFest including Shelagh Carter, Katherena Vermette and KC Adams.

Artists should also sign up for our workshops being offered on September 13th! There are great opportunities to work with professionals to hone your craft.

Check out the full schedule to plan your FemFest week! Also read behind the scenes stories, get more show insights and watch for reviews on our blog.

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