Fefu Run a Huge Success!

Thank you to our artistic team, production crew, staff, volunteers and audiences for such an amazing run. Fefu and Her Friends was a huge success with several sold out performances, great feedback and a wonderful process for all involved. We are very proud of the work!

“After waiting 20 years, it has been a labour of love working on Fefu and Her Friends with the talented cast and crew who truly committed to this unique production. I cannot thank the team and volunteers enough. Although Fornes at the age of 84 is no longer able to remember her work and write, she has left a mark with her 40+ plays. Many have said her writing is challenging, but for me it is reflective of our continued and crucial struggle with the world we live in and attempts to make it a more humane place. This struggle is far beyond something we can comprehend logically. Working on the show reminded me of the need to be whole, to balance our lives and allow those around us to also express their true selves. Finally, a huge thank you to our audiences who filled the house and took the journey with us.” – Hope McIntyre

Fefu and Her Friends Front of House.

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