Fefu and Her Friends in Two Weeks!

We are so excited to open in just two weeks time. “Fefu and Her Friends” by Maria Irene Fornes is an amazing theatrical work. We have a stellar, all female cast and the heritage home setting will have audiences moving throughout the beautiful Ralph Connor House. There are only 60 tickets per show though so book yours now!

“I was drawn into the play and the setting, sitting or standing in various rooms, watching eight women being together in a way I had never seen before on a stage. The play and the audience moved along, but there was no exposition, no
rising action-crisis-climax structure, just women acting as women do, even though the costumes and the language made them seem at a distance in time from that day. I felt a growing excitement, an attraction to the women and their world.
When it ended, I wanted to run onstage and call them all back, have tea in the living room, and tell them how much I liked them.” Gayle Austin, Georgia State University (in response to the original production)

For all the behind the scenes action, check out our blog.

The ensemble of Fefu and Her Friends.

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