Feast your eyes on the annual Bake-Off!

Every year as part of FemFest, we host the annual Bake-Off, where we challenge selected playwrights with a list of ingredients and eight hours to cook up their own fantastic theatrical feasts! On Friday, August 17th, our five fearless playwrights met to discover this year’s “ingredients” and begin working on their scenes. They had eight hours to write a scene anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes in duration. Prior to the festival, each scene will receive a few hours of direction with a team of talented, ensemble players, cast prior to the scripts being written.

This year, each scene must include:
-a drone
-children’s laughter
-“democracy for women”

On Monday, September 17th the scenes will be performed for a live audience, who will then vote for the scene they feel has the most potential for development. For the subsequent year, the 2018 winner will receive dramaturgical guidance to develop a full-length script, which will be read publicly as part of the FemFest 2019 line-up. Many of our Bake-Off winners have gone on to successful careers as professional playwrights in Winnipeg’s theatre community and beyond.

Our winner will also receive The Janet Taylor Bake-Off Award in the sum of $500! Janet Taylor was a dedicated Sarasvàti volunteer and a huge fan of the Bake-Off. Thanks to the generosity of her family and friends, FemFest is honoured to offer this award in her memory.

Join us on September 17th at 7:00 PM at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (400 Colony St) for the Bake-Off and cast your vote for this year’s winner!

Featuring work by:
Ntara Curry
Jo MacDonald
Allison Stier
Alissa Watson
Pamela Wolk

Performed by: Grant Burr, Jane Burpee, Karam Daoud, Simba Meng, and Taesia Scratch

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