Empty Has On-Going Impact

Empty has finished its FemFest performances and community tour. We are so pleased to hear from those who saw it that it indeed had an impact and helped us reach our goal of creating an important dialogue about poverty. Check out the coverage on ShawTV:

Here are a few comments from students who saw the piece as part of the high school tour:

The play was absolutely amazing and it really made me think about how difficult things are for others. 

The play was very effective because it moved me so much that I went to talk with someone about volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest.

I learned so much from this play.  I didn’t realize just how many people have to use food banks and have to make decisions like whether to feed their families or pay rent.

The play made me respect volunteers more and realize just how many volunteers places like that need.

I would tell the writer/director/actors that they did an amazing job and that it was really moving and heartbreaking.

It felt real, like I had actually walked into and viewed the lives of people who visit food banks.

I learned that giving food to the Winnipeg Harvest helps a lot because there isn’t always enough food to even go around at the time.

The cast of Empty. Photo by Janet Shum.

Thank you to all those who supported this important production, as well as to our funders and donors (The Winnipeg Foundation, RBC Foundation and the Winnipeg Arts Council).

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