EDEN Thank You

We would like to thank the fabulous EDEN team for a succesful run! We had a great ensemble of artists, production team members, crew and volunteers. We would also like to thank our wonderful audiences, sponsors and donors. As our first production of this scope, it was an exciting and rewarding challenge! We are very proud of what we were able to accomplish.

Many are asking what’s next for us. EDEN will have a bit of script tweaking done and then second productions and publication pursued. In the meantime we have jumped in to FemFest 2012 with both feet. It is our 10th annual festival of plays by women for everyone and we are excited by the line-up, which will be announced in a few weeks. Stay tuned for details on FemFest, including our auditions in mid-June. We are also planning two other productions for our 2012/13 season and a full season launch will take place again in August.

Up Next

Seven Visions Tour

Every two years we hit the road with an original, interactive performance for middle and high schools. Of course…

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