Devising for the Real World

Devising for the Real World

Skill Development Workshop – Devising for the Real World facilitated by Norah Paton
September 16 1-3pm $15


In this workshop, participants will learn exercises and strategies for creating devised work. Paton’s style focuses on the real world, hinging on documentary theatre. Using this approach, participants will learn ways to create work by drawing inspiration from their own personal, social, and political worlds.

“Devised Theatre” is theatre that has been made, often by the performers, through collaboration and not from a script. In devised theatre practises, the script is only created through the collective, and often is only present in the final stages of rehearsal. 

Norah Paton is a theatre artist based in Ottawa. Her solo creations include an extended love-letter to Stephen Harper (Stephen and Me) and a group fortune-telling experience (Readings). As a collaborator, her work has appeared at DIY spaces in Montreal, with the SMASH Collective in Berlin and at Fringe Festivals in Ontario, Quebec and Edinburgh.

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