“Alice” Virtual Designs

“Alice” Virtual Designs

Alice and the World We Live In by Alexandria Haber

Virtual Designs by Joseph Abetria | Director Ann Hodges

When adjustments had to be made to accommodate the need for social distancing, the delivery of Alice and the World We Live In was altered. Rather than trying to replicate what would have been an indoor fully designed production, the focus became on creating an event that allowed us to share this incredibly layered script while showcasing the amazing artistic team who had been assembled pre-COVID. Audiences will be sitting in on an actor-focused delivery of the script at Assiniboine Park or through the livestream. However, we still wanted a chance for our set and costume designer, Joseph Abetria, to continue his artistic process which had started months before our decision to change venues.

Joseph and Ann proceeded with design meetings and the creation of design concepts for the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, our original FemFest theatrical space. This process allowed for a deep dive in to the script itself, which we can share through Joseph’s virtual designs online. The concept collages and drawings are an exciting way to visualize the world of the play. In fact the collaborative process was so informative that both director and designer agreed to also share their conversations to allow a behind the scenes peek. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the process of design and what goes into it. Theatre is all about taking limitations and creating something that opens up imagination. 

Here are the designs and inspirational images. 

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• Megan Van Deusen: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Artist/Megan-Van-Deusen-156149713546/
• Cerise Doucede: https://cerisedoucede.fr/
• Diana Orving: https://www.dianaorving.com/
• Abbie Powers: https://abbierpowers.com/

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