IWW 2020 Cabaret of Monologues

IWW 2020 Cabaret of Monologues

IWW 2020 Cabaret of Monologues


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March 2-8, 2020

The Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (at the University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony Street)

Tickets on sale December 9

Each year, we present a Cabaret of Monologues to celebrate International Women’s Week. This year’s theme is… Changes.

This year, we’re so excited to feature a wide variety of performances by some incredible local artists! They are:

Masks by Makrenna Sterdan

Performed by Renée Hill

Ms. Jones works to keep positive as she teaches a school of children about air pollution. But, when she is alone with fellow teachers and staff, the dark truth about the day’s lesson is revealed.

Yearning-Distance by Beth Lanigan

Peformed by Saira Rahman

A new mother struggles to describe her changing world and herself. She simultaneously experiences and explores the detachment and dissociation of her postpartum depression.

The A Word by Brooklyn Alice Lee

Performed by Lizzie Knowles

A young woman enters The Women’s Hospital, alone and afraid she struggles to complete paperwork while questioning the nurse and herself about her decision to terminate her pregnancy.

Ping by Larissa Hikel

Performed by Taesia Scratch

Jessamyn returns home from a late shift at the bar she works at. She is cautious entering her apartment building as she recounts the terrifying events from the night before. Events that women today know are far too common.

Kweskenta by waNda wilsoN

Written and performed by waNda, the title meaning “to change your thoughts,” is a musical storytelling piece. If you partnered with us last year, you may remember waNda from performing Bare Bones another musical storytelling piece on waNda’s life experiences. This year waNda performs two new songs, “Just Don’t Give Up” and “Memories”.

The bold, beautiful and Deaf by Joanna Hawkins

Joanna is a Deaf artist, she wrote and will be performing this storytelling piece with an aspect of mime to it and ASL poetry about what bold, beautiful and Deaf means to Deaf women.

Oversharer by Kristen Einarson

Bringing light to this year’s lineup, comedian Kristen Einarson performs a piece of comedy storytelling, poking fun at things she has told people she probably should not have. Kristen touches on everything from break ups, having a breakdown during her best friend’s bachelorette party, and filling in her eyebrows.

Traumatic Resilience by Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie

A Spoken word piece based on life experiences by writer, activist and member of Red Rising Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie. Sadie takes her life’s trauma and molds it into a piece reflecting strength, perseverance and overcoming adversity.

PLUS  a bonus piece by drag artist Petty Davis as a warm-up for our two public performances!

International Women’s Week: Cabaret of Monologues will take place from March 2-8, 2020. We will once again tour the monologues to various locations around Manitoba and offer two public performances of the full line-up on March 7th, at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film at the University of Winnipeg.

If you have questions about the performances or would like to purchase tickets, you can call the office at 204-586-2236 OR email us at info@sarasvati.ca.


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