like mother like daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter


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Director: Rose Plotek
Associate Director: Darwin Lyons
Original Concept: Ravi Jain, Rose Plotek, and Poppy Keeling
Co-Created by Why Not Theatre & Complicité Creative Learning

This unique, participatory project brings together real mothers and their daughters to weave together stories from their own lives in an improvised format. The Winnipeg version of this experience will include mothers and daughters who were born outside of Canada (newcomers, as well as those who may have immigrated many years ago) as well as Indigenous mothers and daughters. In the second part of the presentation, the audience is invited to join the mothers and daughters for a meal to continue the conversations.

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Thursday, Sept 19 – 6:30pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 2:00pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 6:30pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 2:00pm, Saturay, Sept 21 – 6:30pm


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