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Created and Performed by xLq
(Jordan Campbell and Maddie Bautista) and Katherine Walker-Jones

Commissioned and developed with the support of Nightswimming

4 audience members. 1 table. $1000.00 in cash.
Limitless interactive possibilities.

An interactive, site-specific game with four players and $1,000 cash–4inXchange is a pop art business meeting that guides you through a series of dialogues, chances, competitions, and meditations. Use the cash on the table to get to know your fellow participants, while xLq asks provocative questions about value, intimacy, love, and truth. Returns and exchanges guaranteed.

FREE to book a spot to attend by calling 204-586-2236. If you prefer to book on-line a credit card processing fee will be charged. Please note that 4inXchange culminates in a unique Pay-What-You-Choose process–please bring some cash of your own to participate.

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Tuesday, Sept 17 – 7:00pm, Tuesday, Sept 17 – 9:00pm, Wednesday, Sept 18 – 5:00pm, Wednesday, Sept 18 – 7:00pm, Wednesday, Sept 18 – 9:00pm, Thursday, Sept 19 – 5:00pm, Thursday, Sept 19 – 7:00pm, Thursday, Sept 19 – 9:00pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 3:00pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 5:00pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 7:00pm, Friday, Sept 20 – 9:00pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 1:00pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 3:00pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 5:00pm, Saturday, Sept 21 – 7:00pm


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