IWW Cabaret of Monologues: Changes

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

We are excited to be lining up an amazing selection of pieces for our March 2020 International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues. This year’s theme is… Changes. A wide variety of solo performances will explore how we navigate a changing world . Four monologues have officially been accepted into this year’s cabaret, while others are in the process of being curated and workshopped. The decision not to have a child, coping with the reality of a newborn, a satirical look at what climate change might mean to children, and a woman who uses an elevator to out-maneuver a predator. These are just a few of the topics covered with plenty more to come! Until we have a full menu of monologues for you to devour, here are the official first four to whet your appetite…

Masks by Makrenna Sterdan
Ms. Jones works to keep positive as she teaches a school of children about air pollution. But, when she is alone with fellow teachers and staff, the dark truth about the day’s lesson is revealed.

Yearning-Distance by Beth Lanigan
A new mother struggles to describe her changing world and herself. She simultaneously experiences and explores the detachment and dissociation of her postpartum depression.

The A Word by Brooklyn Alice Lee
A young woman enters The Women’s Hospital, alone and afraid she struggles to complete paperwork while questioning the nurse and herself about her decision to terminate her pregnancy.

Ping by Larissa Hikel
Jessamyn returns home from a late shift at the bar she works at. She is cautious entering her apartment building as she recounts the terrifying events from the night before. Events that women today know are far too common.

International Women’s Week: Cabaret of Monologues will take place from March 2-8, 2020. We will once again tour the monologues to various locations around Manitoba and offer two public performances of the full line-up on March 7th. Last year we were excited to travel as far as Flin Flon and to perform in tiny classrooms as well as huge museums. If you’re interested in hosting any of this year’s monologues, give us a call at (204) 586-2236 or email us at!

Stay tuned for updates and more information on International Women’s Week: Cabaret of Monologues 2020, coming soon!

FemFest 2019 Hightlights

Thursday, October 31, 2019

We would like to take a moment to look back at a few of the many highlights of FemFest 2019: All the World’s a Stage!

This year was a dynamic festival that included new works, touring shows that pushed the boundaries of traditional theatre, and many opportunities for creative inspiration and development.

Our touring shows included real life mothers and daughters and a Pop Art performance in a setting that included an audience of only 4 people! Both of these shows challenged the way we look at theatre and audience interaction, and were each inspiring in their own unique way. We also had our very first canine performer! Tulia, a guide dog who played the part of herself in Raising Stanley/Life with Tulia.

Our workshops gave emerging artists a chance for mentorship and show development, a devised creation, many new works in progress, performances, and readings.

And this year we took FemFest to the streets with our walking tour! Making Winnipeg’s downtown a stage for music, spoken word poetry, comedy, ASL dance, and puppet theatre.

Thank you to our many amazing volunteers, artists and festival patrons, you all made FemFest 2019 a tremendous success.

If you’d like to be part of FemFest 2020: Engaging Community, the submission deadline is November 30th! More information here.

And check out our gallery for more photos of FemFest 2019!

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