Last Weekend of FemFest 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The final weekend of FemFest 2019 is around the corner and you still have time to catch the exciting programming at our festival this year.

Touring Shows

This year FemFest is bringing some truly unique performance experiences with our touring shows Like Mother, Like Daughter and 4inXchange will be playing throughout the weekend.

Don’t miss your chance to take in 4inXchange. The Toronto based Pop Art duo known as xLq bring a theatrical style unlike anything you’ve seen before. The performers create a safe space to explore questions about value, intimacy, love, and truth in this interactive game created for only 4 audience members at a time, through a series of of dialogues, chances, competitions, and meditations.

You will interact with the performers and your fellow audience members – but don’t be intimidated! They make it fun and comfortable, while at the same time creating a truly unique and thought provoking experience.

With only 4 slots per show be sure to book ahead on our website or by calling our office M-F, 204-586-2236. Here’s an Instagram boomerang of xLq to spark your interest.

Like Mother, Like Daughter is another touring project not to be missed. This project brings together real life Indigenous and Immigrant mother/daughter pairs to share their stories in an improvised format originally co-created by Toronto’s Why Not Theatre and London’s Complicité Creative Learning. Brought to Winnipeg for FemFest we have an amazing group of local mothers and daughters participating in the project. Click here to check out our latest blog post and find out more about them. The performance ends with the audience sharing a meal with the participants and continuing the conversation! 

Local Shows

There’s still a chance to catch our walking tour All Winnipeg’s A Stage. Travel around Winnipeg’s downtown to pop up parks and shops and enjoy the incredible talents of local performers. Highlights include multilingual Spoken Word poet Amber O’Reilly sharing her poetry at the eclectic local used book store Bison Books, the gorgeous indie folk melodies of Philippine born singer/songwriter Hera Nalam – featured in our latest FemFest video, and Dancer, choreographer, and ASL interpreter Ms. Iris Perchaluk (z eye) embodying the lyrics of music in a truly unique way…among others!

And last but not least the world premiere of Baby Box a new play co-written by 3 established Canadian playwrights who created this piece from 3 uniquely different female perspectives on the experience of placing a baby in a baby box. Directed by our Artistic Director, Hope McIntyre, choreographed by Ali Robson, and performed by local Winnipeg performers this show is original blend of movement, lyrical text, and powerful prose.

Be sure to book ahead to ensure you don’t miss your chance to catch all that FemFest 2019 has to offer!



FemFest 2019 More Accessible Than Ever

Thursday, September 12, 2019

This year at FemFest 2019: All The World’s A Stage we are offering ASL interpreters and Child Minding services for select performances throughout the festival.

ASL Interpreting

There will be 4 performances with ASL interpreting, helping to make the festival more accessible and inclusive to as many community members as possible.

Raising Stanley/Life with Tulia: September 15th 2:00pm
Launchpad: September 17th 8:30pm
Baby Box: September 18th 8:30pm
Like Mother, Like Daughter: September 19th 6:30pm

Child Minding

We understand that as a parent, finding time to enjoy theatre child-free can be nearly impossible. That is why this year, we are happy to offer Child Minding at FemFest for 3 selected performances, free of charge!
Child Minding will need to be booked 24 hours before the performance start time. You can book your child’s spot by emailing or calling (204) 586-2236.


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