Bake-Off Call for Submissions

We are excited to announce the inaugural Janet Taylor Bake-Off Award and to solicit submissions from female playwrights! The 5th annual Bake-Off is the last chance for playwrights to participate in FemFest 2015. We are seeking 5 female playwrights who are ready to accept the challenge of writing a new scene in 8 hours with our 3 ingredients. If you think you can take the heat, submit for this year’s Bake-Off – click FemFest 2015 Bake Off Call for full details. Deadline is August 10th.

We are also very excited to announce that this year’s Bake-Off will include the inaugural Janet Taylor Bake-Off Award, to be presented to the winner. We are pleased to honour someone who was instrumental in supporting the growth of Sarasvàti Productions but also to lend financial support to a female playwright as they develop a new script. If you are interested in contributing to the award click here.

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