• Powerful Season Launched!

    Tuesday, 19 August 2014

    This morning, Sarasvàti Productions held its annual season launch reception, Power Up! Approximately 30 members...

  • Design the Sarasvati Superheroine!

    Tuesday, 05 August 2014

    Sarasvàti Productions is accepting submissions for its Sarasvàti Superheroine design competition as part of...

  • Inspire – Challenge – Change

    Our Mission is to produce theatre that inspires, challenges and encourages positive social change while demonstrating artistic excellence.

    Sarasvàti Productions is a place where artists can develop and showcase their skills, while celebrating their creativity and pushing the boundaries of the theatrical medium. Sarasvàti insists on a theatre that is fulfilling for both participants and audience alike.  The company’s vision is one of inclusion, where artists and audiences of all backgrounds come together to experience what it means to be human.


    FemFest 2014: She’s Got the Power
    September 13 – 20
    U of W Asper Centre for Theatre and Film